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HERO Center Lobby
"Did you know that 12% of police officer injuries happen during their department's training" -League of MN Cities (LMC). For 2018-2022, the average lost time training injury claim for LMCIT insured police departments cost $47,200! - LMC
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Law Enforcement


Reality based training environments can be modified to accommodate any training need. Also available is a 12 lane shooting range, shooting simulator, mats room. and more...

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Multi-level indoor and outdoor training environments for fire service training. Exterior buildings for smoke houses to include indoor training area for a full engine to drive indoors out of elements for year round training.

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Reality based training environments can be utilized for EMS training and ample classroom space for lecture based and practical exercises. Area for community classes as well.

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Our state-of-the-art INVERIS  12-lane shooting range is available for both law enforcement agencies and public access on the weekends. Featuring a 50-yard shooting distance...

(Government Agencies)

Explore our different training space and facility features available for public safety agency use. Featuring nearly 198,000 square feet of indoor & outdoor training space available.

Please note that a rate increase will be effective 1/1/2024 for various training spaces.
This is necessary to keep up with the rising costs for utilities and maintenance
of our range systems etc.  

*Note: Any reservation outside of regular business hours requires a $30 per hour add-on fee for a staff member to be onsite. 

HERO Center Front Sculpture
HERO Center Front Sculpture
HERO Center 12 lane range indoor

12-Lane Range

  • Programmable Target Controls

  • Shooting Distance 50 yards

  • State-of-the-art venitlation with HEPA filtration.

  • Raised track to allow for a vehicle in range


per hour (2 hour min.)

HERO Center Mats Room


  • Completely padded walls and floors

  • Excellent for defensive tactics/RTR training

  • Direct access to 'Reality Based Training' area

  • Direct access to training simulator. 


per 4 hour block

HERO Center Classrooms


  • Classroom A seats 50 people

  • Classroom B seats 50 people

  • Classroom A & B combined seat 120 people,

  • Classroom C seats 30 people

  • Pre-Training area with 24 seats.


per 4 hour block

HERO Center indoor reality based training (RBT)

Indoor Reality Based

  • Unlimited room configurations

  • Flexible situational training environment.

  • Fast, easy setup within minutes

  • Rugged and durable walls for non-marking sim rounds.


per 4 hour block

HERO Center Outdoor reality based training (RBT)

Outdoor Houses

  • Split entry home with battering door.

  • Rambler home with explosive entry.

  • Rear entry/egress access points.

  • Large parking lot for traffic scenarios and non-marking sim rounds.

  • Completely fenced in back area.


per 4 hour block

HERO Center Ti shooting simulator deescalation

Training Simulator

  • Over 800 scenarios to choose from.

  • 3-screen scenarios.

  • Training weapons available.

  • CO2 powered training weapons provide immediate feedback.

  • Use Taser, OC, baton and flashlight. 


per 1 hour block

Prices subject to change without notice. Reservation is required to use the HERO Center training space and range facilities. Certain restrictions apply.


public shooting on range with range safety officer at HERO Shooting range

Our state-of-the-art, 12-lane shooting range is available to the public on weekends for lane rentals.  Featuring a 50-yard shooting distance with rifle sighting allowed.  




Computer monitor with courses

-Firearm Safety Courses

-Permit to Carry

-Intro to handguns

-Public CPR & Health Classes

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